Győr and its surroundings

Győr is situated half way between Budapest and Vienna. This colorful town redolent of age abounds in architectural, cultural and natural treasures. The „city of rivers” – the Arrabona of the Romans, the seat of the 1000 years old Episcopate, where Napoleon won the bottle in 1809 is a popular tourist city in view of the nice downtown and the beautiful baroque buildings. The radial road network of the settlement connects Slovakia from the north, Austria from the west, Lake Balaton from the south and Budapest from the east to the town, the heart of Kisalföld ("The Small Plains"). Thanks to the good geographical position of Győr you can explore the countryside which ensures a range of sights and experience for the tourists.

Programs in Győr

Győr expects the tourists with a wide range of services in sports and cultural programs. Győr, Hungary’s third richest town in historic buildings outside Budapest and Sopron, abounds in museums and sights.

In Győr you can find one of the largest fine art repertory in the 6 different buildings of the Rómer Flóris City Art Museum – .

In the Janos Xantus Museum there is a permanent exhibition: History of Győr and surrounding area from ancient times to the modern day.

Stone remains from the Roman ages and the new ages in the Castle Casamate – Lapidarium.

The permanent Puppet exhibition can be visited in the Zichy Palace. They organise the Baroque Festivals as well.

In the Diocesan Treasur, library and lapidary you can find the Christian past of Győr.

The Treasury houses masterpieces of gold- and silversmithery, liturgical gems, and textiles, showing the religious art of western Hungary from the Gothic period until the 19th century. Codices, earliest printed books, and a collection of old Hungarian books are on exhibition in the Library. Stones and stone remains from the Bishop s Castle and the Cathedral in Győr, deriving from the medieval and modern times are on display in the Museum of Stonework. Outstanding works of art include: Anjou arms (14th century), fragments of a fontal basin (14th century), Gothic tracery window (15th century), and episcopal arms (16th-18th century).

The newest slogan of Győr – Festival the whole of the year – mirrors the wide range of cultural programs. More information: :

The Philharmonic Orchestra, as a representative art institution, takes part int he musical life not only of the city and the region but also the entire country.

The detailed programs of the worldfamous Győr Ballet Company is found: and the National Theatre of Győr: .

The Iron Rooster Puppet Theatre provides for the children an enjoyable amusement: .

Rába Quelle Medicinal, Thermal and Pleasure Bath provides an enjoyable amusement for the guests who like an acitve relaxation.

The János Xantus Zoo at present hosts more than 500 animals from over 100 species in spacious, arres that recreate the animals natural habitat. .

Programs in the vicinity of Győr

Thanks to the good geographical position of Győr you can explore the countryside which ensures a range of sights and experience for the tourists. Győr is situated in the Budapest-Vienna-Bratislava traingle, therefor all capitals can be reached easily, and can be explored on a one-day excursions.

The Pannonhalma Abbey is part of the World Heritage Sights in Hungary and situated 15 km far from Győr. It is the centre of the Christian religion: .

In the Fort of Komarom you can see the casamates, the Bread-museum, the Parc of military conveyances, memorial places and the Fort-museum.

Burg Forchtenstein located 120 km far from Győr in Burgenland in Austria is belonged to Hungary sometime. The Family Esterhazy owns the fortress this day. It is worth to see.

Szigetköz is one of the active relaxation centre. Tourists have the possibility for a bicycle tour, water tour, nordic walking, or walking-tour.

Visit the Huszár Wine cellar in Pázmándfalu, where you can taste not only the local wines (Pannonhalma wineregion), but also the traditionak local dishes that accompany them.


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