Programy budovania tímu

Programy budovania tímu

Our offer for team building:

Famulus Squash

We also have 2 Squashcourts. Want to try it out? We have all the equipment for rent.

Famulus Bowling

Bowling is not only a great sport but also a good idea for spending a leisurely evening. Bowling is suitable for young and the young at heart. Our hotel provides two bowling alleys, which - apart from the traditional game - facilitate numerous playing variants. Each alley is suitable for up to 8 players.

Guided sightseeing tours

Tour to Pannonhalma Abbey

Wine tasting at wine region Pannonhalma

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Programy budovania tímu

Programy budovania tímu

Famulus Business Hotel ponúka teambuilding a zábavný program

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Snívanie za dostupné ceny

Snívanie za dostupné ceny

Drahý mladý pár! Vo vašom živote príde Veľký deň, keď budú dostávať večnú vernosť k sebe navzájom. Je to ideálne miesto pre krásnu dovolenku

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Hľadáte lacné, ale kvalitné ubytovanie?

Hľadáte lacné, ale kvalitné ubytovanie?

Hľadáte lacné, ale kvalitné ubytovanie? Ak áno, potom je Famulus College ** na správnom mieste.

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The parking space of the hotel is a private area! Only the following people can use it for free of charge:

• The guest of the hotel and the youth hostel,
• The guests of the Pódium Restaurant,
• The guest of the events and conferences
• The guest of the Bowling Club and Squash

Everybody else has to pay parking fee at the hotel reception 2000 HUF / day, because of this reason the hotel is allowed to wheel clamp and transport all the unauthorized cars from its parking space.

Thank you for your understanding!