Famulus Squash

Beside our Gym we also have 2 Squashcourts. The Squashcouts are daily opend from 8 am. unt 10 pm for our guests and guests from outside.

The rental is per 60 minutes.
Monday - Friday

from 8 am until 4 pm 1 800 HUF

from 4 pm until 10 pm 2 500 HUF

Suturday - Sunday

from 8 am until 6 pm 2 000 HUF

Want to try it out? We have all the equipment for rent.

Rental racket 500 HUF
Rental ball 200 HUF
Selling ball 900 HUF

A court reservation is desired. +36/96-547-774

Famulus Bowling Club

Bowling is not only a great sport but also a good idea for spending a leisurely evening. Bowling is suitable for young and the young at heart. Our hotel provides two bowling alleys, which - apart from the traditional game - facilitate numerous playing variants. Each alley is suitable for up to 8 players. For our young players, we offer a balling ball of less weight.

Monday - Thursday  2 500 HUF / alley / hour
Friday - Sunday 3 000 HUF / alley / hour

Enjoy a night of bowling with your friends and family!
Combine a lovely dinner or drink with a bowling game. Reservations must be made in advance: +36 96 547-775, famulusbowling@gmail.com

Famulus Massage Club

The Massage Club is temporarily unavailable.

Refreshing body massage (60 mins 4800 HUF)
Back massage (30 mins 3000 HUF)
Foot massage (30 mins 2500 HUF)
Bodypeeling with massage (60 mins 5500 HUF)
Part of body massage with peeling (30 mins 3800 HUF)
Cellulite massage with cream (3500 HUF)
Ultrasonic cellulite therapy (3800 HUF)
Ultrasonic slimming (20 mins/member 1800 HUF)
Foot reflexology massage (30 mins 3800 HUF)
Magnesian muscle relaxation (30 mins 3600 HUF)
Pampering massage with cacaobutter (60 mins 5800 HUF)
Back massage with honey (3500 HUF)
Pedicure (2500 HUF)
Nail varnishing (800 HUF)
Pedi gel (1800 HUF)

+36 96 547 770 reservation must be in advance

Colosseum fitness room
free of charge for our hotelguests

Rent a bike

4 hour: 900 HUF/bike
8 hour: 1800 HUF/bike

Special offers

Győr, this mellow and colourful town is situated half way between Vienna and Budapest, and hosts a vast array of architectural, cultural and natural treasures. The Famulus Business Hotel**** is the perfect choise for a comfortable stay in Győr with a wide variety of convenient services. The hotel is one of the largest convention centre in Győr and surraoundings with up-to-date technical equippment and large space.

21 000 Ft /
Family weekend

Family weekend

Family weekend full of experiences in Győr

94 760 Ft /family/2 nights
Relax weekend

Relax weekend

Enjoy the baroque city of Győr, spend your weekend in peace and harmony.

35 220 Ft /person/2 night


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